Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More On Grocery Carts

What local grocery stores have small carts for kids to push?

We were in LifeSource on Commercial recently and were very pleased to see that they'd purchased new carts including new little carts for kids. Bug always loves helping out with the grocery shopping by pushing her own little cart. The new carts glide much more smoothly than their old ones, which make it much easier on me if I end up needing to push it myself while carrying dd as we finish up our trip.

I'm also wondering, what grocery stores have antibacterial wipes near the door to clean off carts? I usually carry my own (when Bug was little we used a cart cover for her to sit on, which was especially helpful if she tried to gnaw on the handle).

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I had to head out and about today to get just a few last-minute grocery things before Thanksgiving. One of my stops was going to have to be WINCO on Lancaster. Deep breaths, I thought, maybe this won't be too bad.

Surprisingly, they weren't all that busy, and I was grateful that I was getting my shopping done today instead of tomorrow when I imagine it's going to be total chaos.

Dd and I came in the doors and I grabbed a cart...oops, this one is is missing a strap to hold her into the seat, let's get another. Oops, this one has a broken seat, let's get another. Oops, this one also has a broken strap. It took going through 7 carts before I found one that was okay, though it still had a partially broken seat.

This is the worst that I've seen yet as far as grocery carts go. They're never great no matter where we go (the straps are always extremely filthy).

I will definitely be writing a letter to their corporate headquarters about their carts.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Preparation

As we head into the holidays, I've been trying to dig up some good healthy yet kid-friendly recipes online and came across this fabulous article from the Crunchy Domestic Goddess on Reducing Holiday Stress For Your Kids - enjoy!

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